"Bulgarian composer Gheorghi Arnaoudov has forged a profound body of work deeply rooted in minimalism and, at the same time, creating an intensely imaginative, vibrating sound world that constantly defies convention. His vital use of a variety of literary sources, aesthetic ideas, and collaborations with other art forms distinguish his music in today’s European concert culture..." -Eric Salzman, "A genuinely surprising and beautiful disc..." –Barnaby Rayfield, Fanfare, New York "...Stillness and medieval-tinged mystery..." Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International


It is perhaps this particular mode of rewriting that allows for bonding phenomena across the abyss of time and infinity of space together, into an immediate adequacy of the here and now – the proximity to our very own cultural environment; phenomena shared as personal contemplation on the meaning of experiencing the reading itself. Arnaoudov’s imaginary and musically imaginative stories are spellbinding with their inimitable peculiarity and the magnetic power of their sonority. Their exquisite narration, assertive expressivity and exuberant figurative language enthral one into their imaginary-phantasmagorical world and make you want to reread them again and again. Iliya Gramatikoff, Kultura – Issue 19 (2899)/2017